Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy 45

With every spare dollar going into house repair and remodeling, I had very low expectations for my birthday this year. But Kurt blew me away with a birthday present I've wanted for quite some time.

He found a Singer treadle sewing machine a couple of months ago and had been keeping it at work until now. I literally couldn't believe my eyes when he called me into the family room to see "something."

I'm so excited and am really hoping we can restore it so that it can be used again. My dear friend Caroline has restored these before and has promised to help. Actually, it is funny because as soon as I saw the sewing machine I told Kurt I needed to talk to Caroline.

In its day, this Singer had to be something else. Under the wear and age, you can still see its beauty. Beautiful and intricate design work once graced the metal portions of the sewing machine and it is all metal - no plastic parts here! I just love this machine. I love just looking at it.

The table has a place where you can apparently store the sewing machine. It even has a small drawer in it.

I've been looking for the serial number so Caroline can help me figure out the manufacturing date. But I can't find it.

It has a bobbin winder in the front and an gold emblem behind it. No serial number though.

The lower right part of the machine has the Singer name wrought into it, but still no serial number.

Unfortunately, while looking for the serial number, I discovered broken pieces of metal.

I really hope these broken pieces can be fixed. I so love my "new" sewing machine.

As a side note, I saw a beautiful sunset the other evening.

I had a hard time getting a good picture because I didn't have time to set up a tri-pod. I would love to have some yarn in the brilliant peachy pink color of the sky that night. Or perhaps some fabric to use with my sewing machine.


Caroline said...

OK, it's a Sphynx model 27, and takes a "bullet" shuttle and long, skinny bobbin. The serial number would be engraved in the base below the bobbin winder. If the handwheel turns, and the needle bar goes up and down, the rest can be fixed. You have both slide plates, and that's a bonus. Does it have a shuttle and/or bobbin inside the front slide plate? The head itself looks like it's in pretty good condition.

Deborah said...

Yippee! The handwheel turns, the needle goes up and down and the treadle moves too. I cleaned up some dirt and found the serial number right where you said it would be. It is L965985.

The Gingerbread House said...

Happy Happy Birthday Deborah,What a nice gift Kurt had for you..your lucky that he was smart enough to recognize that it was of value, most men wouldn't even know what it was :o)...Have fun with it..

Heather said...

Wow wow wow. What an awesome gift. What a blessing of a husband. I can't wait to watch as you make this girl come to life.

Gryffinitter said...

I'm here from the Treadle on list, and what a lovely husband you have to not only find that and know how you'd love it, but hide it at work so it could be a surprise for your birthday! I'm glad she seems ready to be fixed up and get going!


Farnham Arts said...

I just LOVE the machine! Looks like the one that I learned to sew on (it was on the back porch and mom let me use it to learn).

on you picture of the sunset... don't use a flash... you lighted the foliage and it "blacked out" the scene beyond the flash's reach. Don't worry... dusk and sunset are THE BEST times for shots! It looks dark to us but the camera can pick up more light.

good luck!


fleegle said...

Wow! What an incredible sewing machine!

And you are more ambitious about the Queen Susan than I am :)I wanted to get started, so spinning was out. I hope we can see some exquisite handspun soon!

Rebecca said...

Beautiful Deborah! What a good man you have. Happy Birthday.

Joanne said...

Don't you just love those surprises that our husbands give to us! Your treadle sewing machine looks wonderful! Happy Belated Birthday!