Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Little Things

I don't feel I've accomplished much lately due to lots of little things getting in the way. For example, I spent the entire day yesterday, with my three children, in Florida, so my computer could spend the day "in the shop." It has taken to freezing up periodically. Often times, it will not reboot after freezing, but will play dead for hours at a time. I thought it had died once and for all Thursday afternoon. It made some very bad noises and then, did nothing.

Naturally my computer rebooted with no problems Friday morning at the shop. And after a full day of testing I received a bill for services rendered and was told nothing could be found wrong with my computer. At least nothing fixable and those were the only tests run.

I had my knitting with me yesterday, of course, but I had to spend the day with children who are not used to being confined to a car or being ferried around running errands. (I had to try to redeem the waiting time after all.) So no knitting got done which in my world means I had a lousy day. There have been way too many knit-less days lately.

Despite all of the little things conspiring against my knitting, I have managed to complete a few of the projects I needed to get done. I finished the socks for John, my husband's landlord in Fairhope and Gregory's beloved Sunday school teacher.

These are my favorite basic ribbed socks for men from the book, "Vogue Knitting, Socks 2."

I also completed a pair of socks for John's wife, Cindy. They are "Simplicity" from "The Eclectic Sole" in Tia Dalma from Enchanted Knoll Farm.

I couldn't get a good picture of the color of these socks. They are actually quite lovely. I struggled with giving these socks away while I knitted them. I just love the purple and teal with a bit of pink and blue and the soft superwash merino yarn. I might try to hunt down another skein of this yarn in the future. Well, that is if things stop breaking around here. Did I mention my dehydrator broke the other day? The one we use a couple times a week? My husband Kurt managed to get it running again by substituting a wire heddle from my loom for a burned out part. While Kurt feels confident his fix will work indefinitely, I immediately ordered a replacement dehydrator. That way if the house burns down from a defective dehydrator at some point in the future, I won't have to deal with our insurance coverage being invalidated because we knowingly used an improperly constructed appliance. But then I think about stuff like that. A lot.

The saddest bit of knitting I finished is a chemo hat for my new friend Clara at our new church.

My prayer is for a miracle that will keep her from needing it.

I've continued to spend lots of time in the kitchen. We cook almost everything from scratch in order to accommodate various dietary issues and that keeps me in the kitchen. However, I like convenience foods as much as anyone, so I make my own. Last week some friends from church gave us some more venison. I used a portion of the meat for chili.

I added between 3 to 4 gallons of chili to my pantry shelves. I love a full pantry.

Now if I can only keep from eating/serving all the pantry foods immediately because I am too tired to cook from all the little things that keep demanding my attention.

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Heather said...

I have the solution for you, Deborah! Pack up the three kiddos and come visit me up in Canada. I'll keep the kids busy doing sheep chores, sledding, feeding baby lambs, etc and you can sit in the house in front of the fire and knit away! Hmmm?
The hat you made for Clara is so beautiful! I really love that pattern and almost wish I were more of a knitter so I could try it!
I, too, love a full pantry. It is such a secure, satisfying feeling, isn't it.
You are in my prayers tonight that this week coming will be full of blessings - including uninterupted knitting time.