Wednesday, December 10, 2008

December Marches Onward

We've survived the first third of December and sort of survived Gregory's chocolate birthday cake.

In fact, we finished the cake yesterday. However, in the wee hours of this morning, Gabrielle woke me up telling me she was sick and couldn't breathe. The family always gets sick around this time of year after the kids start eating sugary stuff on Thanksgiving and it continues through Christmas until the end of January when Kurt and I have birthdays. I haven't faced the scales yet and hope not to have to do so for awhile. But I did finish 3 of the size large skirts I started.

They ended up being a bit too big and I like to think it means I am getting smaller. I took an inch off of one of them and wore it to church last Sunday. I would like to see the day when they are all way too big to wear.

Yesterday I managed to plow and disc up all of the weeds in the back yard gardens before it started raining. I'd like to start planting again in a couple weeks, but everything is very muddy right now. It seems things always end up very muddy this time of year. You would think all of the 4 foot high weed debris I plowed into the ground would improve drainage.

I finished another pair of socks.

These are a better size than the last ones and are to be a gift for one of my husband's friends. I decided I am probably not going to be able to knit Michael a sweater for Christmas this year since I haven't started it yet so I will be starting a hat for him soon. Red is his favorite color and I have a cone of red yarn in my stash. Considering how late I am in getting started, I suppose I won't be doing much Christmas knitting this year. I think the MS4 being so much later than other mystery stole KALs threw me off schedule this year. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it.


The Gingerbread House said...

I see you have been to the "Energy Bank" again, hope you left some for me!....the skirts are very pretty...I like the first blue one especially, looks like it has a nice sheen to it.I think you have done very well finishing the MS4, and plowing too! I never even got started...I'm still fussing with the weaving.

Anonymous said...

I need some new "bigger" skirts too (sigh). Love your socks. You're so productive. Ya wanna come plow up my yard too? Won't be mud though, more likely dust. LOL! Whatchya got planned for the red yarn? I don't think I mentioned I have my first grandchild. A dear little boy. 4 weeks old. I'm thinking he needs a little baby Norge sweater for this coming winter. ;o)