Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Broadband. Wow. What a great idea.

Kurt takes classes at the university and they expect students to access the Internet. Gregory and Gabrielle have a computer based curriculum which requires Internet research for projects. Dial-up made school more and more difficult for everyone. Excuse enough. A quick trip to our new super Wal-Mart brought wireless broadband Internet into our lives and we may never be the same. Right now we're still updating our computers. Nothing could be automatically updated with our slow Internet connection.

To celebrate our technological advancement, I updated my blog template. I started blogging in the beginning of time as far as blog technology is concerned. So many advancements had been made since then. I generally don't like change, at least not since Hurricane Ivan made me deal with so many changes all at once, but I like this change. But change brings struggle and I keep struggling to figure out how to make things work. My blog template now makes things easy yet I only know how to work with the html I needed before. More growth and learning are in store I suppose.

I've been knitting mysteries lately. I finished both of my MS4 stoles and have blocked one of them.

It is pretty enough. It is quite long and plenty wide for a stole so I might actually wear this one. The color is lovely and I like the beads.

I have a hard time adequately photographing lace. It can be challenging to display it and not photograph little messes around the house at the same time. Oh well.

I finished another mystery too. I'm not sure what I was thinking as I knit Kurt's Christmas socks.

But my husband does not have big feet. These socks are a good 2 inches too long. I knit these while boiling cane juice into syrup and perhaps the fumes affected my judgment. Or perhaps the Lord thought my brother David in bible college in Germany needed them more. (He has big feet.) I had planned to make socks for my brother and worried about having enough matching yarn. I had actually selected some other yarn for his socks. But now it looks like the problem is solved and I am finished.


The Gingerbread House said...

Hope you enjoy the faster internet service...the lace shawl looks lovely...about those socks ..maybe you could "Serge" the toes off and they would fit better. Ginny

Kimberly (Woven ~N~ Spun) said...

Love the new look and it seems like I can leave messages now. YAY!

Theresa said...

I thought I walked into the wrong blog! Let me know if I can help you with blogger template stuff. I like the softness of the colors.

Those socks are BIG! LOL You must have had your brother on the brain.

I didn't know you could do wireless broadband if you couldn't get it through your phone company. That's neat that you will have that now.

I find that photographing lace is best when hung in a window so that the light is shining through from behind the lace. I have a hard time finding places to photograph that won't show what a mess I have! LOL

I love that color of Zephyr. It's the only one of the Mystery Stoles I have seen that I really like.

Gabrielle said...

I like your blog and your knitting.

Gabrielle said...

I like your blog and your knitting.